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Waste My Time

by Séan McCann



It's the Ultimate Summer Song.

With the phat bass, the sassy back up singers, and casual claps. Then the cool keys come in. It rolls along like a day at the beach, waves coming and going, the sun floating lazily across the sky, taking it's sweet time. It's golden and aqua and hot. 

This little crab was having a day just like that when all of a sudden he saw the love of his life. It's all in his expression. He's stunned. He's twitter-pated. He found his love and lost his mind all at once. And all he wants to do is waste the rest of his time with his special someone. 
You're a lucky person if you can find that someone. You know that person who makes everything fun, even the most mundane chore.

My favourite line is:

"We're hanging in a bar and I'm wondering what to do
Cause who needs a drink when I'm sitting here with you."

I was tempted to throw a fancy beach drink in the little crab's claw. You know the ones, some kind of tropical colour with a fancy little umbrella hanging off the side. But this line stopped me. You're the kind of person who's with the kind of person that doesn't require alcohol. It's a good thing. I know from experience. I am too :)

(the ultimate) Meaghan Smith


We're sitting on a beach watching the waves crash in
Wondering if our lives can begin again
Gonna get on our feet gonna walk across the sand
You can have my heart if you let me hold your hand
I don't mind
As long as i have you here with me
To help me Waste My Time
We're sitting on a bridge watching the cars go by
Wondering if some day we might learn how to fly
We're sitting in the back seat wondering where we are
Riding down a one way street until we reach the stars
I don't mind
As long as i have you here with me
To help me Waste My Time
I don't care
What side of the road we're driving on as long as you're still here
We're hanging in a bar and i'm wondering what to do
Coz who needs a drink when I'm sitting right here with you
I don't mind...
I don't care


released May 28, 2016
written by Séan McCann and Joel Plaskett
Produced by Joel Plaskett
Engineered by Thomas Stagcer
Art Meaghan Smith



all rights reserved


Séan McCann Ottawa, Ontario

Séan's journey to find his own peace, love and happiness continues through music and a new album that will be released one song at a time. “You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs made by a man intent on being happy. No manager, no label, no agent, there is nothing left between Séan’s music and the ears of people who want to hear it. ... more

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