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This Life is an Ocean of Love

by Séan McCann



I wanted to paint two siamese fighting fish, peacefully swimming together. In reality they are very territorial and will viciously battle each other, sometimes to the death. But I wanted to depict them at peace. They are so beautiful with their gleaming red and blue fins and tails swirling together in the blackness of the deep water. They represent opposing sides. They are a fight that has been put to rest. A war that has ended in peace.

"This life is an Ocean Of Love. Let every heart rise above," is my prayer too.”

Meaghan Smith


A River runs Slow
Deeply and Low
Steady but never Still
Like leaves in the wind
We shiver and spin
Blown without a Will
This Life is an Ocean of Love
Let every heart Rise Above
A man walks alone
A long way from home
Far from his family and friends
Like a blackbird he flies
Across darkening skies
Trying to get back to them
This Life is an Ocean of Love
Let every heart Rise Above
On and On and On and On
We whistle at the sun
On and On and On
We Run
A baby is born
Like a thunderstorm
A father's pride lights up the night
In the wink of an eye
A lifetime goes by
One chance to get it right
This Life is an Ocean of Love
Let every heart Rise Above


released August 22, 2015
written by Séan McCann
Artwork by Meaghan Smith
Produced by Joel Plaskett
Engineered by Thomas Stagcer



all rights reserved


Séan McCann Ottawa, Ontario

Séan's journey to find his own peace, love and happiness continues through music and a new album that will be released one song at a time. “You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs made by a man intent on being happy. No manager, no label, no agent, there is nothing left between Séan’s music and the ears of people who want to hear it. ... more

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