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Mind Made Up

by Séan McCann



"Your sweet dog Tosh's expression sums up this sentiment to a T; knowing you're right and not being willing to let it go. Of course, his sky is always blue. He's dressed in a sailor outfit because he thinks he's in control. He really believes that he's steering the ship. It's delusional and it's adorable.

I heard a really important question once. It went like this: Are you more concerned with being right, or being loving?

I know what this song is about because it could be about me. Obviously, I think I'm right. Of course I do, it's my opinion, and I don't have another one. I can be so stubborn. I have let people I really cared about walk out of my life because I was more concerned with being right than I was with being loving. But like a dog with a bone, so many times we just can't let things go. We are convinced we are right and they are wrong. And maybe sometimes that's the case. But I have come to believe that it's more important to be loving. To try to see the other side of the argument. To care and be compassionate. It's something I'm still working on.”

Meaghan Smith


You got you're mind made up
You say you've had enough
You got you're mind made up
And I'm not gonna change it

You don't wanna watch that clock
Waiting for the rain to stop
You got you're mind made up
Nobody's gonna change it

This ship is gonna sail away
Across the sea into a brighter day
Gonna paint this grey
from a brighter point of view
This ship is gonna chase the wind
Cut her lines and start again
Gonna find a bay
where the skies are always blue

You're not gonna stand in line
Waiting for the sun to shine
You've got you're mind made up
And there's gonna be some changes


released July 24, 2015
Written By Séan McCann and Paul Lamb
Art by Meaghan Smith
Produced by Joel Plaskett
Engineered by Thomas Stacger
Tude by Tosh



all rights reserved


Séan McCann Ottawa, Ontario

Séan's journey to find his own peace, love and happiness continues through music and a new album that will be released one song at a time. “You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs made by a man intent on being happy. No manager, no label, no agent, there is nothing left between Séan’s music and the ears of people who want to hear it. ... more

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