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Last Song

by Séan McCann



"This song made me feel so happy. It's sweet and cheerful and colourful and bright with a deep dark purple backdrop. It's also about some really difficult things. There are some serious hints of darkness in this sunny scene.

I love the lyrics so much in this song. "Everything comes to an end. Our freedom, our fears and our friends" and I got to thinking… maybe they're all the same thing? What scares us can actually be the keys to figuring out what's really important about ourselves. If we can figure out why we have these fears, we can free ourselves from them, and turn them around and make them our friends.

I had planned to paint a Wolf and a Rabbit. I worked on the Wolf for about a week before I realized I was fighting him. I just couldn't seem to capture it, and then I realized he was too intimidating. I needed something so much less threatening....something sweeter. There still needed to be that tension that's ever present in life. I thought of a cat and mouse. The constant chase. The relentless "Life" that " will not let you get out of the ring." But maybe you can make friends with that and be okay with it?

I also feel the 70s vibe in there… the fearlessness of that time....the fighting for peace. I needed to include the bow-ties to reflect that 70s vibe. So these two, this Cat and this Mouse and their matching bow-ties represent that. They are arch enemies. They are opposites but now they are on the same side. They might be the death of each other but they're cool with it. Just like this song. Cool, dark, sweet."

Meaghan Smith


the bar never closed
but my eyes did eventually
i felt like a clock
at the end of the century
tick tock
it’s hard from the backseat
to be a good driver
asleep at the wheel
and playing with fire
beep beep
everything comes to an end
our Freedom our Fears and our Friends
so lay down beside me
and Love me again ... and again
you’re in a fight
you think you can win
but Life will not let you get out of The Ring
ding ding
our bodies betrayed
like the plans that we made
our beauty will fade
like a shadow
caught in the shade
everything comes to an end
our Freedom our Fears and our Friends
so lay down beside me
and Love me again ... and again
Life is a Rose
a fair weather flower
in sunlight it grows
it sings in the shower
la la la
Winter to Spring
Summer to Autumn
the way to The Top
is straight through the Bottom
dig deep
everything comes to an end
our Freedom our Fears and our Friends
so lay down beside me
and Love me again
and again


released July 18, 2015
Written by Séan McCann and Joel Plaskett
Produced by Joel Plaskett
Artwork by Meaghan Smith
Engineered by Thomas Stacger at New Scotland Yard



all rights reserved


Séan McCann Ottawa, Ontario

Séan's journey to find his own peace, love and happiness continues through music and a new album that will be released one song at a time. “You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs made by a man intent on being happy. No manager, no label, no agent, there is nothing left between Séan’s music and the ears of people who want to hear it. ... more

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